10 Social Media Tips For Businesses

Activity in social media for business can provide many benefits for a local business that include increasing brand awareness and also strengthens the SEO of a website business. I'm not saying that to have social media accounts will automatically increase the sales of your business, but with the presence of your business in the virtual world will certainly make it better known by many people. And of course the people who are in your network will reach you when they need your products or services offered by your business. They like already have a bond with you indirectly.

Activities of a business in social media is not just about promotion alone but more than that. We could be someone who only focused on money and short-term profit or profit-oriented long-term relationships with people connected in social media, it's their choice. However, if we talk about the business of course we want the long-term dong.

And this is 10 social media tips for businesses:

The first, of course your business should have social media accounts that are popular today, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc.

1. Make sure your customers can mark "check-in" when they are at your place of business. This facility has been provided by Facebook and is suitable for businesses such as cafes, bar, or restaurant. Of course, you should take advantage of this facility on your business Facebook Page to get your business more known to many people.

2. Another social media for business that you have to do are register your business on Foursquare (https://foursquare.com/) for this website can help you in accessing the names of people who had to "check in" to your business. That way you get to know some of their habits as customers and can help you make them a regular customer of your business.

3. Prepare your business with the newest features of the Facebook Graph Search where people can find all the local businesses according to their liking. This feature is not yet able to use all your Facebook account - limited to a specific account - but sooner or later the business course you can use it.

4. Stay active at Twitter. Post your twitter business activities on a regular basis, for example; the customer who comes to your business, event that you do, promotional products, and others. We can also provide incentives or promotion with a discount voucher on the followers who are willing to tweet or post on Facebook about our business. With so friends or followers they will also get to know your business.

Social Media for Business

5. Create your account on LinkedIn.com. Your LinkedIn profile will greatly affect your business because search engines like Google.com me-ranking LinkedIn profile is higher than with other social media, including Facebook. Make sure you have an account on LinkedIn and keep up to date on social media, do not forget to connect the other businesses that are similar to your business industry.

6. YouTube is one that is highly recommended social media to increase brand business on the internet. Google-owned sites can also be said to be a search engine's 2nd largest after Google. Make a video about your business-creative se may be so well liked, and then upload the video to YouTube. Additionally, you could also offer incentives to your customers when they are willing to make a video about their experience in the business and upload it to your YoutTube channel.

7. Register your business on Yelp.com. This site aggregates reviews about businesses with large social media features. People in America will usually visit these sites when they are seeking information or other people's reviews about a shop, restaurant, dentist, and other businesses. You need to keep track of conversations on Yelp about your business, and make sure visitors in the future like what they read.

8. Schedule your meetings, workshops and other informal meetings that are linked to your business. Then you promote your activity on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. People will be happy to attend the event that you make if they feel they can get information, added value, access, discounts or networks.

9. Image is something very important because the image can represent many words. Be sure to post pictures of activities related to your business to Twitter, Facebook, and blog. Do not forget to take all the photos related to brand your business, and then upload them to your website. You should also take a photo of you and your staff subscribes or post to Instagram and Facebook, then tag people who are in the photo, so they will want to share photos of your business to their friends.

10. Post articles about your business activity in the blog. Postings not only contains about your business, but more on your experience, the event that you do, the news and information related to the topic of your business. Focus on content rich in information and optimize the post title and tags in every post you make, it's important for SEO. Do not forget to give a link outgoing and also incoming links from your blog to build traffic flow is greater, either directly or indirectly to your business website.

I hope this article, 10 Social Media Tips For Businesses can make your business grow up.